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Highlights from the ROG Ally livestream

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A short while ago, Asus addressed queries from its fans regarding the ROG Ally, providing them with detailed responses and insights. The session provided valuable insights into the ROG Ally’s features, capabilities, and upcoming developments. You can also watch a recording of the ROG Ally livestream here.

Asus confirmed their intention to hold monthly Q&A sessions, providing a regular platform for fans to interact with the Asus team and gain deeper insights into the ROG Ally and other exciting products.

What sacrifices did you have to make in the development of the Ally?

Will there be a black edition of the Ally?

Has the button sticking issue been fixed?

Are there any latency issues in the joysticks? Some reviewers faced this issue.

Are there any discrepancies in performance between the Z1 Extreme and the Ryzen 7840U?

Is there a way to capture footage on the Ally using a capture card?

Will there be any first-party accessories?

Would you support SteamOS on the Ally?

Will we be able to download Armory Crate SE and other software and drivers from the Asus website? What happens if we reinstall Windows?

Does Asus plan on giving strong support and updating the ally over time?

Is the BIOS accessible, does it use secure boot, and can it be turned off and back on if needed? What else is available in the BIOS?

Can you record gameplay on the Ally?

What are the specs of the Gyro sensor?

Is it possible to disable any cores or multi-threading?

Can the Ally do VR?

How many controllers can you connect to the Ally to play couch co-op games?

Is it possible to customize how the hardware works on a game-by-game basis?

Can you please figure out a way to solve the stupid tribalism in both the Ally and the Steam Deck communities?

Will Armory Crate allow cover art customization for games?

Is there a built-in microphone?

Any plans to reach out to developers to optimize any current or future games to make sure that they run as well as they can on the Ally?

Do you think now is the best time to order a handheld, like the Ally, or do you think the technology still needs to improve?

Why are there no track pads on the Ally?

Will there be an option to adjust clock speed and voltages?

Can we make the screen run at 40Hz?

How does offline gaming work?

Does it support HDR or Dolby Vision?