Top 5 Best SD Cards for ROG Ally

Best SD Cards for ROG Ally: Guaranteed Optimal Performance

If you are an avid gamer, the 512GB storage of the ROG Ally is definitely not sufficient. Just around 4-5 storage-intensive games like Forza Horizon 5 and you are left with no more space. Not to mention, with a fully occupied storage, experiencing prolonged loading time, lags, buffers, and game freezes are not uncommon.

To enjoy the seamless performance of ROG Ally gameplay the best idea would be to either install an SSD or an SD card. Leaving all other comparison factors aside, let’s just consider the price first. If you have a lower budget (under $100) then an SD is pretty much the only option you have. And if it’s around $100 then you will get a better SD card than an SSD at the same range. Above that, go for an SSD. With that set, here’s the list of some of the best SD cards for ROG Ally.

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Pro MicroSD

Priced on the higher end, SanDisk 1TB offers up to 140 MB/s write speed in devices with storage between 256 Gb – 1 TB. You will essentially get to experience this speed in the ROG Ally and similar devices. 

1 TB Best SD card for ROG Ally


Endurance – 

Designed to be shock, water, temperature, and X-ray proof, this SD card is highly durable. 

Actual Memory- 

The calculated memory is 963 Gb.


Fast Media Transfer – 

Leveraging on the Quick Flow Technology SanDisk MicroSD provides an impressive media transfer rate. Consequently, this enables the user to transfer, update and download large game files significantly faster. 

Remarkable Read Speed – 

Equipped with constant 100 Mbps read speed this is one of the SD cards with the highest speed out in the market. 


Low Sequential Read/Write Speed-

Sequential read and write speeds are respectively – 66.22 Mb/s and 35.79 Mb/s.

Price – $112.65

Available On Amazon

Lexar PLAY 1TB Micro SD 

The Lexar Micro SD is manufactured to avoid slow loading times and lags with high read speed and fast A1 0r A2 rated performance. 


Compatibility – 

Widely compatible with smartphones, tablets, and all portable gaming devices including Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and Nintendo Switch. 

A2 Performance – 

With random read and write speeds of 4000 IOPS and 2000 IOPS respectively, the Lexar Play 1Tb SD card enables the device to run smoothly without any lags or freezes.


High-Speed Class – 

With a class 10 minimum sustained write speed this MicroSD card loads open-world games and unlocks new areas much faster.

Fast Data Transfer – 

Equipped with 150 Mb/s read speed, it enables quick data transfer and consequently smoother gameplay. 


Overheating – 

Heats up within a short span of using the device and as a result shortens the lifespan.

Price – $69.95

Available On Amazon

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Micro SD 

The SanDisk Extreme micro SD rated A2 comes with a high read, write, and card offload speed. Which makes it one of the best. 


A2 Specification – 

Load and play your games faster on the ROG Ally with the SD card’s A2 specification (64GB – 1TB).

Write-Speed – 

With a write speed of 130 Mb/s, you would no longer need to wait for an eternity when installing a game. Not to mention you can seamlessly be on a different game while the installation process is going. Which is not possible on other SD cards without experiencing lags.


High Read Speed –

190 Mb/s read speed enables the user to swiftly configure in-game settings and load game-specific assets. 

UHD Resolution Video Capture – 

Save your cinematic gameplay moments in 4K and 5k UHD (3) resolution with this high-capacity SD card.


Overheating – 

Overheats easily when capturing 4K videos for longer than 10-15 minutes.

Price – $104.99

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Silicon Power 1TB Superior Micro SDXC

Now moving to lower range prices, Silicon Power Micro SD is one of the best SD cards you can get at this cost. 


Video Resolution – 

4K HD resolution video can be captured.

Survives Extreme Climatic Conditions –

Waterproof, shockproof, and temperature-proof – made to survive in harsh climates and conditions. 


A2 Performance – 

Equipped with A2 rated performance this memory card offers 4000 IOPS random read and 2000 IOPS random write speed. This A2-rated MicroSD is optimized for running storage-heavy apps efficiently.

Fast Transfer –

It features UHS 1 specifications, enabling fast data transfer in your device.


Compatibility Issue – 

Doesn’t provide the best results when paired with the ROG Ally and Steam Deck.

Price – $53.97

Available On Amazon

SAMSUNG PRO Plus + Adapter 512GB microSDXC 

V30-rated speed and A2-rated performance coupled with high read and write speed – The Samsung Pro microSD is all you can ask for when looking for the best SD Cards for ROG Ally.

Most affordable SD card For ROG Ally


Reliable And Durable –

Designed to withstand harsh conditions, This SD card is made to last. Can stay protected in seawater for 3 days. You can use your Ally with this SD card in a wide temperature range of -25° to 85° C. The SD card can survive if stored without use within the impressive temperature range of -40° to 85° C. It also holds up against airport X-ray, high-field MRI magnetic field, and drops up to 5 meters. Hence your perfect travel companion. 

Wearout – 

Doesn’t wear out easily. Swipe it inside as many devices as you please. It can persevere 10000 swipes.


High Sequential Read And Write Speed – 

Sequential read and write speeds are respectively 160 Mb/s and 120 Mb/s. Ease of fast transfer to make your life more convenient.

Easy To Install-

The included SD adapter makes it easy to install, saving your time.

Disadvantage – 

Difficult to remove – 

Hard to remove from the adapter once inserted.

Price – $55.99

Available On Amazon 

Selecting one from the best SD cards for ROG Ally is crucial for the optimal gaming experience. Sequential read and write speed, storage after formatting, and ease of installation are some of the many factors you should consider before making your purchase. Regardless, any of our top 5 picks will guarantee to elevate your ROG Ally to new heights. So, take your pick and boost your gaming device today!