Best Stands For The ROG Ally – 6 Premium Choices

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A ROG Ally might be one of the best handhelds to date but it still isn’t equipped with a magical feature to prevent you from hunching. Not to mention if you are an avid gamer there would inevitably be times when your hands will be too tired from holding the ROG Ally for hours. To avoid all this hassle, your best bet would be to purchase a stand. It’s one of those ROG Ally accessories that are a must-have for a comfortable gaming experience. So, let’s go through the 6 best stands for the ROG Ally to choose the perfect one for you.

KUNSLUCK Stand Base 

The widely compatible KUNSLUCK Base equipped with an anti-slip silicone pad is just perfect for the Ally. 


Non-Slip Silicone Pad 

The stand’s non-slip silicone pad will prevent your ROG Ally from drops and scratches.

Rounded Corners

The rounded corners of the KUNSLUCK Stand Base reduce the chances of accidental injuries. Besides, it’s also easier to clean compared to the ones with sharp corners.


Heat Dissipation

The stand is designed to not cover the back of your ROG Ally. This facilitates heat dissipation while gaming. This also enables you to easily charge the device even when you are using the stand.

Wide Compatibility

The stand’s depth is just enough to fit ROG Ally. Which is why it is one of the best stands for the ROG Ally. But aside from that the stand is also compatible with Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, Switch OLED, Switch Lite, and smartphones.


Unsuitable With Certain Protective Cases

Not suitable with protective cases with built-in kickstands.

Moreover, it’s also not suitable for protective cases with a thickness of more than 1.5 mm.

Price – $8.99

Available On Amazon


Looking for something fancier? Hopefully portable and foldable? We have got you covered. The JSAUX universal stand would be the stand you need in that case.

Foldable Pink Portable Stand For The ROG Ally


Portable And Foldable 

The JSAUX Stand’s foldable design makes it easy to transport anywhere. Just fold and carry the ultra-thin form in a sleek bag. Talk about convenience!

Anti Slide 

One of the main concerns when choosing a stand for your ROG Ally would be what if it slides from the stand? The ROG Ally is certainly not a day-to-day purchase and you don’t want to go through the costly repair hassle. With a rubber buffer between your device and this stand you no longer have to fret about that. The rubber keeps the device from sliding. As an added layer of security, it also has a lip at the bottom stopping the device from coming off.


Exceptional Durability

The JSAUX holder is crafted from high-quality alloy material that makes it extremely durable. 

Adjustable Angles

This would specifically be helpful for those of you who enjoy outside gaming sessions during the day. The glare from external light sources can be inconvenient. The adjustable angles reduce the glare enabling you to have a clearer view of the screen.


Stiff Hinge

The hinge requires a lot of force for adjustment causing a hindrance to changing the angle.

Price – $16.99

Available On Amazon

Adjustable Holder Stand Base

A sturdy base crafted with Aluminum alloy would be the best for gamers who often find themselves engrossed in gaming in crowded places. This adjustable holder stand base with a weighted base won’t topple easily. 


Anti Slip Protection 

4 Slide-proof silicone rags prevent the device from slipping.

Compatible With Thick Cases

The extra groove 26 mm design ensures that you can use it while keeping on the protective case. Yes, even the ones thicker than 1.5 mm



The foldable design makes it convenient to carry on the go.

Heat Dissipation

The frosted alloy coupled with the hollow design effectively dissipates the heat.



The coverage of the rubber bumper isn’t extended till the bracket. But if you have a case this won’t be an issue.

Price – $19.99

Available On Amazon


Just for an extra $2, you can purchase the upgraded version for KUNSLUCK STAND BASE. 

Stand For The ROG Ally With Adjustable Angles


Additional Stability 

The metal plate and four silicon pads at the bottom provide added stability.

Package For Extra Protection

The package comes with 6 protection stickers for touchpad and L4/L5/L6 buttons.


Adjustable Angles 

The three adjustable angles (45°, 65°, 75°) enable the games to cater to various postures and meet their specific comfort requirements. 


Size when folded – 5.5*3.5*0.8. The compact foldable dimensions make it travel-friendly.


Compatibility With The Ally

Only fits the ROG Ally at the highest settings.

Price – $10.99

Available On Amazon


The most affordable one on our list of the best stands for the ROG Ally. But despite the low price, KYTOK hasn’t compromised on the quality for sure.

KYTOK Stand For The ROG Ally


Effective Cooling 

The smart design keeps the ventilation ports open. So, your ROG Ally will continue to dissipate while you keep on gaming.

Upgraded Anti-Slip

3 anti-slip silicone pads in the recesses of the kickstand will keep your Ally stabilized at the right angle. 


Easy Charging

You can charge your ROG Ally while using the stand and keeping it on the case. As a bonus, it also comes with 2 90° USB-C adapters.

Better Stability 

The metal plate and all round anti-skid silicone pad at the bottom provide an extra layer of security to the stand. 



Price – $6.99

Available On Amazon


High-quality metal stand made specifically for the ROG Ally.


Alloy Metal

Compared to plastic stands, the JSAUX stand crafted with high-quality alloy is more durable. The frosted metal surface provides a better grip.


Case Compatibility

Compatible with protective cases up to 2mm thickness.


Doesn’t fit with the JSAUX rubber cover.

Price – $12.99

Available On Amazon

Each of the six stands we’ve explored comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, catering to a diverse range of preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize durability or affordability, there’s a stand on our list. So, make your decision to enhance your gaming endeavour with ROG Ally.

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