Best headsets for ROG Ally

Best Headsets For ROG Ally – The Gamer’s Guide

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Good headphones are always a great addition to a gamer’s collection. Asus’ ROG Ally brings a lot to the table, including Dolby Atmos audio paired with noise cancellation and amplifying technology. A headset would complement ROG Ally’s excellent audio and enhance your gaming experience. It isn’t a hard stretch to say, that Halo Infinite is not all that fun without its epic orchestral background music during the Nexus mission. So, without further chitchats, let’s look into the 5 best headsets for ROG Ally.

  1. Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Industry Leading Headphones:- First things first. The features that make the Sony WH-1000XM5, one of the best headsets for ROG Ally.
Best Headsets For ROG Ally
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  • Auto Noise Cancelling Optimization – Adaptive noise cancellation feature sets Sony WH-1000XM5 apart from its competitors, by adjusting the volume depending on the user’s environment. It also considers individual listening behavior and adjusts the noise cancellation based on your preferences.
  • Quick Charging- Only 3 minutes of charging for 3 hours of playback. Quite the deal for a traveler.
  • Battery Life – 30 hours battery life.
  • Hands-free calling – Sony WH-1000XM5 is equipped with two beamforming microphones on each earcup, designed to pick up only your voice, even in a noisy background. So, now you can rest assured about crystal clear voice quality when communicating with your teammates on Genshin Impact co-op dungeons. 

Starting Price – $279 

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  1. Sound Blaster JAM V2 Headphones – Looking for something more budget-friendly? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Creative Lab’s Sound Blaster headset isn’t as effective in noise canceling as Sony’s but offers some unique features, making it one of the best headsets for ROG Ally.
Sound Blaster - One of the best headsets for ROG Ally
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  • Battery Life – Sound Blaster Jam offers a long-lasting 22 hours battery life.
  • Voice Detection – Don’t want your teammates to listen to your family fight in the voice chat? Sound Blaster’s auto voice detection technology is going to come in handy. Turn the settings on to unmute when you speak and mute when you don’t. 
  • NoiseClean In – The perfect tool to hear your friends clearly even when the fan in their background is a tad bit too loud. 
  • NoiseClean Out – Oh, they have clear audio, but it’s you who has a loud air conditioner that hasn’t been serviced in ages? No worries, for that, Creative Lab offers the NoiseClean out technology, which reduces static noises from your surroundings. 

Price – $34.99

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  1. Koss Porta Pro Headphones – Kota Porta Pro is the pair of cyberpunk-style headphones, you are looking for to elevate your gaming room aesthetics. While not the best for noise-cancellation and sound blocking it still has a lot to offer.
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  • Comfort – The Porta Pro comes with adjustable temporal lobes to relieve pressure on the ear. This is a big plus for long gaming sessions on ROG Ally. 
  • Easy To Carry – The collapsible headband design makes it easy to store. It weighs only, 0.4 pounds, which means it’s also comfortably portable. 
  • Lifetime Warranty – The Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime warranty covers this pair of headphones

Price – $39.99

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  1. Moondrop Aria Earphone / Headphone – With a lower budget, it’s inevitable to compromise on a few qualities when looking for a headphone. But if you are willing to invest the same budget into a pair of earphones, you can get some of the best headsets for ROG Ally. 
Best headsets for ROG Ally
  • Replaceable Cable – Aria’s Moondrop headset comes with a 4 ft-long silver-plated replaceable cable. Now while that might be sufficient for some users, it’s not enough for every gamer. And this replaceable cable enables you to upgrade it according to your needs, i.e., with-mic or Bluetooth cable.
  • Excellent Frequency Response – Additionally this particular pair of headset’s frequency response complies with the room response function. In simpler words, you will get a well-optimized modern recording and an ample atmosphere. So in case you are planning to open a gaming youtube channel, this is a great option to consider.
  • High-Resolution Sound – Aria’s liquid crystal diaphragm captures the subtle nuances in the audio and produces high-quality detailed sound.
  • Well-Fitting – The ear tips slipping out or being uncomfortable when using earphones, is a common scenario. But that’s not the case with Aria’s Moondrop Headset. The ear tips are well fitting to wear. However, some customers have complained about the comfort of the ear tips.

Price – $79.99 

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  1. ASUS ROG Cetra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds – Lastly Asus’s ROG Wireless Earbuds, are one of the best headsets for ROG Ally without a doubt. It offers some great gaming-only features, to provide you with a better gaming experience. 
  • Touch-Control – Asus’s gaming earbuds come with simple quick-touch controls. 
  • Water Resistance – Splash-Proof and water-resistance. This means they are much easier to maintain as you can clean this pair of earbuds with water without causing any damage.
  • Gaming Mode – With a single touch, you can activate the gaming mode to enable a low-latency connection and greater sync between audio-video playback. You can easily gain the upper hand in competitive gaming with this feature.
  • Noise Cancellation – Activate the noise cancellation to filter out background noise from both ends and experience a truly immersive ROG Ally gaming session.
  • Battery Life – Extensive 27 hours battery life. But the charging isn’t as impressive as the other options on our list. 10 minutes of charging for 90 minutes of usage. It’s not bad but as I said before, not impressive

Price – $92.85

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And that’s all for this list. We won’t tell you which one is going to be the best headset for ROG Ally for you. Because, best can differ depending on many factors, such as, whether you are a hobby gamer or professional gamer, your surroundings, whether you travel once in a blue moon or every week and e.t.c. So weigh the pros and cons before making your purchase.