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Are there any ROG Ally skins available?

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Skins for the ROG Ally offer a fantastic way to personalize, protect, and enhance the gaming device. Whether you’re looking to showcase your favorite games, express your creativity, or simply add an extra layer of protection, skins are a popular choice among gamers who want to make their Ally truly their own. Be it a headphone or a dock, accessories for the ROG Ally are what make it worth tinkering with.

A few days ago, popular skin brand, dbrand, announced via their Discord server that they would not be designing skins for the ROG ally and their reasoning is, understandable.

After completing some preliminary ROG Ally skins, we decided not to go ahead with the product. We’d go so far as to warn against buying skins from anywhere – they’re guaranteed to look pretty bad.

The sheer number of vents on the device, in combination with the white plastic housing, mean any skin you put on is going to inevitably show a bunch of white plastic peeking through the sides of the vents. It just up looking really unconvincing.

It’s true that skins look better if the base device is black in color. With a white shell, having a skin of a color other than white would not be the best, cosmetically. So we understand that the decision taken by dbrand here makes sense.

However, ArmorSuit is offering a variety of skins for the ROG Ally. We hope to see more companies take the initiative to design skins for this device.