rog ally bios update

Asus deploys a new BIOS update for the ROG Ally

ASUS has released BIOS 323 for the Ally, which includes a number of usability improvements and bug fixes.

One of the most significant changes is the addition of 30W support when plugging in 65W or higher wattage PD adapters or Type-C hubs. This means that users will now be able to get the full performance of the Ally’s Turbo mode even when using a high-powered charger.

Another improvement is the modification of the minimum panel backlight value from 25nits to 10nits. This will make the Ally more usable in dark environments, as the screen will be able to get even darker.

The “Memory Assigned to GPU” setting will now also keep its previous value on future BIOS updates. This means that users will no longer have to reset this setting after every update.

Finally, performance in Performance mode when plugged in has been optimized. This means that users will experience better performance when using the Ally in this mode.

The BIOS 323 update is available now through MyASUS.

After downloading the BIOS, if you are prompted to restart your Ally, it might shut down instead of restarting it. So don’t freak out, you can just turn it back on after a minute and it’ll take you to the BIOS update screen where you will be prompted to hit “yes”.

Fix for Third-Party Docks and Adapters

The BIOS 323 update also includes a fix for an issue that some users were experiencing with third-party USB-C docks and adapters. Specifically, some users were finding that these docks and adapters would not allow the Ally to reach its full 30W Turbo mode, even when using high-wattage USB-C power adapters.

This issue was caused by the way certain third-party docks are designed, and how they allocate a power contract, or “handshake.” The Ally was unable to confirm the full capabilities of the dock, so it was not instructed to attempt to draw more than the agreed contract of power available.

The new BIOS 323 update fixes this issue by allowing the Ally to simply draw power as is available to it from the dock. In most cases, this should work seamlessly and users will be able to get their 30W Turbo mode and the battery will stay charged.

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