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Best Fan Curves and Power Profiles for the ROG Ally

The fan curve determines how fast the fans spin at different temperatures. The power profiles determine how much power the Ally uses. By adjusting these settings, you can find a balance between performance and noise.

A user on Reddit has shared the profile that worked best for them and after trying it out, we can confirm that these settings are optimal for the ROG Ally. So in this post, we will discuss the best fan curves and power profile settings for the ROG Ally. We will also provide some tips on how to set these settings.

What is a Fan Curve?

A fan curve is a set of instructions that tells the fans in your ROG Ally how fast to spin at different temperatures. The fan curve is usually represented as a graph, with temperature on the x-axis and fan speed on the y-axis.

What is a Power Profile?

A power profile is a set of instructions that tells the ROG Ally how much power to use. The power profile is usually represented as a number, with higher numbers indicating more power usage.

How to Set Fan Curves and Power Profiles

You can set fan curves and power profiles in the Armoury Crate software. To do this, open Armoury Crate and click on the “Operating Modes” tab. Make sure to have the power plugged in. Once the Ally is connected to a power source, select the Manual tab and rename it if you like.

Under CPU, set the power limits as follows –


Now let’s set the fan curves to our liking.


Be sure to replicate this setting on Fan 2 so that both fans have the same fan curve.

You can now save these settings by clicking on the checkbox right next to the name of the profile above. You will be hit with a warning screen, but you can just select “Yes”.

How to Disable CPU Boost

CPU boost is a feature that allows your CPU to run at a higher speed than its base clock speed. This can improve performance, but it can also lead to higher temperatures and battery drain.

If you’re looking to lower your CPU temperatures and save battery life, you can disable CPU boost. This is a relatively easy process, and it can be done without any risk to your Ally.

To disable CPU boost, you can follow a straightforward procedure that is both safe and reversible.

In the video, Andril suggests changing the “Attributes” setting to (0) to disable CPU boost. However, user comments indicate that setting it to (2) may yield better results. Based on these experiences, we recommend setting the “Attributes” to (2) for optimal performance.

Understanding the “Attributes” Setting

Setting the “Attributes” to (2) unlocks a hidden CPU power option that allows users to disable CPU boost effectively. This option provides more control over the CPU’s performance characteristics and allows for finer customization according to your needs.

The fan curves are locked while using the Ally unplugged with the latest BIOS update, but we will update the post once it is unlocked.

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