jsaux modcase and docking station for rog ally

JSAUX ModCase and Docking Station for the ROG Ally

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JSAUX, a leading gaming accessories manufacturer, has announced plans to release new accessories for the ROG Ally. The most requested accessories by users are a ModCase, a protective case, and an optimized docking station.

This is what a JSAUX rep announced on Discord

Guys, According to the feedback I have collected, it seems that the accessories you most request for the ROG Ally are as follows: ModCase, protective case, and optimized docking station.

Please let me know anything else. As far as I know, we have begun to make ModCase and screen protector!

Also, a stunning docking station for sure, actually it has blown my mind!

The JSAUX ModCase will be a modular case for the ROG Ally that provides complete and flexible protection. The case will consist of a protective back case with its own metal stand, and a strap to attach other accessories. The cut-outs in the case will be perfectly aligned with the Ally’s output/input ports, ensuring a snug fit. The eco-friendly PC-ABS and silicone material used in the case prevent the screen from scratching or cracking, even when you carry your ROG Ally in a backpack or a handbag. The TPU wrap on the edges of the case dampens the shock of a fall, reducing the potential damage to your device. The JSAUX ModCase will also feature a modular slider on its back cover, which will you to add other compatible accessories, such as the JSAUX cooling fan or one of the best power banks for the ROG Ally, to level up your gaming experience.

Here are some of the key features of the JSAUX ModCase:

  • Complete and flexible protection
  • Perfect fit
  • Ultimate protection
  • Modular design
  • Compatible with other accessories

If you are looking for a protective case that will keep your ROG Ally safe and sound, the JSAUX ModCase will be an excellent option. It is well-made, durable, and offers a variety of features that will make your gaming experience even better.